Over the past 4 years, I've worked with clients across the globe in the digital marketing & high-ticket coaching world as an operations, sales, & business strategist.

I've helped businesses go from $20,000 per month in revenue to hitting consistent 6-figure cash collected months & worked with numerous client at the $500,000-1M per month mark by helping them improve their marketing, sales & operations systems.

It is my primary objective to drive sales & profit of a business, whilst improving the backend & client experience to support scaling.

So no matter where you’re at in your journey, I’m sure we can provide some valuable insight to help.

Operations, Systems & Business STRATEGIST 

Hey I’m Olivia! 

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We Help Online Businesses Work ON The Biz Instead of IN It

While business can be serious stuff, we like to have a laugh over here and not take life too seriously. Whether that’s posting a damn-straight tiktok or pimping our automations with emojis, we are always looking for opportunities to add more fun in the day-to-day.

Fun AF

We don’t like to overcomplicate things. You do not need a million softwares and systems to scale a business. It is about creating the simplest systems and automations that give the maximum results. After all, complexity is the enemy of execution. And your team hates it. It's my priority to keep things as simple as possible & make things easier for your team so scaling consistently & profitably is inevitable.

Simplicity Wins 

Your word is everything and without it you have nothing. It is important to me that we do as we say & say as we do. But no one is perfect, so if ever we don’t do what we say, we take full ownership + accountability & see where we can improve. 

Integrity Always


I am not tied to one location & neither is my team or clients. I take pride in building a business that lets my team have the freedom I know we all deeply desire as humans. So long as you hit deadlines, KPIs & show up to all meetings (with a good WiFi connection), you have the freedom to travel while you work with me. 

Zoom Calls in Bali 

I was born in the United Kingdom spending much of my time between my hometown of Sheffield, and the capital, London. Growing up I've always been extremely entrepreneurial & systems oriented in nature. While completing my degree at University College London in Pharmacology, I started my first business at 19 in e-commerce and went on to start a digital marketing agency before choosing to master sales and become a high-ticket sales rep. 

After selling $100,000 per month in packages and working closely with 6-7 figure CEOs in the online coaching & marketing space I realized that, whilst they were making good money, their business was not as profitable as they could be & not giving them the time freedom they desired because they had very little systems, automations & operations strategy in place. 

So I stepped in to help a CEO I was selling for and took over his operations. After making hires, building systems & refining his marketing + sales strategy, we took his business from $350,000 to $850,000 in 12 months. From here, I began to work with other clients in a fractional COO capacity to help them streamline & scale their business. 

Seeing many entrepreneurs get burnt out over & over again, it became my mission to put in systems that ACTUALLY save time & grow the bottom line. Most importantly, I set out to create simple systems that teams actually want to use. (because a system not being used is useless). This led me to form The Systems Boss. 

In 2021, I travelled to Mexico, San Diego, Chicago & Miami to work closely with more entrepreneurs in the online coaching, agency & marketing space, and have since relocated to Chicago where I run my business to better serve my growing US client base.

As the online coaching & agency world continues to explode, it's my mission to help entrepreneurs scale with the right systems & team in place across marketing, sales, client delivery, operations + finance, so they can make an impact & achieve the freedom they set out for when they became an entrepreneur.

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favorite drink - Decaf Oat Milk Flat White (or an OG komboucha) 

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